Formerly Co-Founder of Ratings Intelligence and ran it before it was acquired in 2014 by New Bay Media. Now Founder at Surgo Digital Systems.

Mostly autodidactic coder-engineer living in NYC and currently focused on the sales, marketing and product development of a new digital platform product aimed to help media and professional service companies with their marketing efforts.

I’m interested in lots of stuff: people, philosophy, innovation, education, technology, building, science, sales, kites and adventure. This blog follows my thoughts on these things–and other stuff.

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Reess Kennedy flying a kite on a beach with Mother sun shining down, giving life

Me flying a kite at the beach.

Why I blog?

Writing helps me organize and clarify my thoughts. I’m interested in the truth and this blog helps me understand it better. And that’s exciting.

I’ve benefited in a massive way from all the online and offline sharing of others. Not sharing doesn’t help anyone, so this is my effort to share — even though sharing can be scary and hard! I will endeavor to only share things that are both important to me and that I feel are of general value to others.

I love discussing interesting ideas with interesting people so if you’re in NYC and want to get coffee, please use the contact link in the header to drop me a note!

Blog style

I currently think of this as a place for me to log and share quick thoughts. My work doesn’t presently afford me enough time for longer-form writing and research right now. Still, I endeavor to be careful in accurately articulating my thoughts.

My guiding style principles are as follows:

  • Share! The opposite of sharing is hiding and that doesn’t help anyone.
  • Perfectionism creates stagnation. Fight against it. Find balance between speed and accuracy.
  • It’s okay to iterate and update posts and have a blog serve as a “living document” of personal thoughts — and evolution of thoughts — over a lifetime.