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Everything is math

I was looking at a large painting of a street in New Orleans on the wall of a bar in New York. The perspective show was perfect so it created this very photorealistic illusion of depth. I thought, “It’s just math. Perspective is based on mathematical principles.”

And then it’s empowering to broaden that and realize that so many things in life are based on math and formulas can, and should, be applied to achieve the results we seek.

Making money is absolutely, 100% math. There are simple formulas one ought to fix in his head when running every business. They should be constructed fairly intuitively by a business owner based on the various inputs and outputs in your business. Once you map these things out and track them on an ongoing basis you’re able to see the high level levers that may need adjustment and can use them to strategize. Without a grasp of this, you’re not in control.

Mapping out the math, the formulas, create leverage and empower you.

Here is good, more detailed guide on the simple math that can applied to any business selling any product or service (i.e. any business on the planet).

1993 parallels between the internet and early electricity from Jeff Bezos

This makes me reflect on the following:

-All the massive cap investments made to create the infrastructure that makes life so incredible today.

-The amount of risk people have been willing to take on and energy they have been willing to spend to be a part in the, sometimes, fleeting waves of opportunity available

-The ways, at the same time, there is always a wave coming and people are bad at predicting where they are in the lifespan of a wave and there they may well still be in the very early stages of a wave or could find a new wave to ride that is currently quite immature and ripe for innovation.

-The ways practical use cases spur investment instead of pure scientific discovery (the light bulb prompted the investment to get wires to everyone’s home, not the idea that “all homes need to have electricity.”)

The Gold Rush of the early 20th century:

On seeing kids get out of school

I always love late May and early June and seeing college students graduate. They’re just starting.

If you don’t remind yourself of this, ten and twenty and thirty years you start to lose perspective of the reality that we’re always starting again.

And some of these grads will invent the new “in” thing. And it will be HUGE. There is never an end to new creations and new opportunities.

Just that our minds become closed to wonder as we get older unless we remind ourselves of the constant new beginnings and decide to always be beginning ourselves.

Jaime Dimon speach to Harvard 2009

33:57 – You want a mature company, not a Shakespearean tragedy

Skiing every mountain in the Northeast (life goal planning)

It’s doable. It’s about 100 mountains. At three mountains annually that means I’d have to keep skiing until 60 with serious annual commitment. Or just blitzkrieg it over the next few years to create momentum.


1982 New York City Marathon

Can learn a good deal where we are with political correctness and sensitivity by watching old sports broadcast — or old broadcasts of any type. At 2:11 the commentator remarks that one of the lead female runners is very attractive and probably often has a pack of men around her.

Also amazing to see old shots of New York City from the year before I was born.

Michael Crichton interview on Charlie Rose from 1992

Michael Crichton talking about how he visited Asia countries in 1988 and returned to LAX and felt like he was returning to a third world country. He speaks of how he thinks the U.S. is stagnant and no one is aware of it.

And this one too. He speaks about how he attributes his hard work to his success and compares it to long distance running saying it’s something like “building up a tolerance over time.”

Sarah McLaughlin on Broken Heart …

“It’s about optimism in the face of pessimism. We are a speck in the grand scheme of things if we can remind ourselves of this, things usually feel a bit better.”

This is one of the better YouTube videos

I love Dalio’s global perspective. The beginning about the traits of successful people always leaning into pain to understand the truth about themselves and the bit at the end about the American Dream is so important.

Mike Krzyzweski on what west point did for him

Mike: “West Point gave me more than I’ll ever give it.”

Charlie: “It made you a man?”

Mike: “It made me a principled man, which is way better than being a man.”

-Mike Krzyzweski in a 1997 interview

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