“Borrowed” highlight CSS from Medium

Medium.com’s highlight feature is genius! I don’t need to let other people highlight text on this blog but I would like to be able to, sometimes, emphasize certain parts of text myself. To this end, “borrowed” the nice, light green CSS from Medium and added it to a highlight class which you can grab below:

.highlight {
	 background-color: transparent;
    background-image: linear-gradient(to bottom,rgba(12,242,143,.2),rgba(12,242,143,.2));

Apparently there actually is a guy who has built a plugin that attempts to imitate some of the Medium functionality on a WordPress blog. I haven’t tested it yet but here is more information on it:¬†https://medium.com/@real_ishan/want-highlight-sharing-like-medium-on-your-wordpress-blog-use-epic-sharer-62b82388094

Look promising!

It’s cool that there are so many developers contributing to WordPress that i just assumed someone had already done this or was working on it when I had the though and … I was right!