Blogging goals: Sharing can be hard. I have, however, been greatly enriched by the public sharing of others. This is one reason I keep this blog.

Writing also helps me organize and clarify my thoughts. I’m interested in the truth and the discipline of this blog helps me grow closer to it. And that’s exciting!

Relationships are another priority for me. I enjoy discussing ideas with live humans “IRL” so if you’re in NYC or Connecticut, let’s get coffee! You can connect with me on twitter or email me.

Professionally: I was formerly Co-Founder of Ratings Intelligence, a subscription-based media research firm. I ran it before it was acquired in 2014 by New Bay Media. Now Founder at Surgo Digital Systems where I manage a distributed team focused on the marketing and product development of a digital platform aimed to help media and professional service companies with their sales and marketing efforts. In short and without the corporatespeak: We design and build software that helps other businesses grow sales.

Personal interests: people, philosophy, innovation, lifelong learning, technology, coding, design, science, running, systems thinking, sales & marketing strategy and psychology, open source software, writing, stand-up comedy, kites and adventure. This blog follows my thoughts on these things—and other stuff.

Blogging style: I currently think of this as a place for me to log and share quick thoughts. I wish I had time to do serious deep dives on every passing curiosity but I don’t and I’d never write anything if I felt every post had to be perfect or comprehensive.

Reess Kennedy flying a kite on a beach with Mother sun shining down, giving life

Flying a kite from the beach to the sun.

My guiding principles for this thing:

  1. Share! The opposite of sharing is hiding and that doesn’t help anyone.
  2. Perfectionism creates stagnation. Fight against it. Find balance between speed and accuracy. Get it out there now! You could be dead tomorrow.
  3. It’s okay to iterate and update posts and have a blog serve as a “living document” of personal thoughts—and the evolution of personal thoughts—over a lifetime.

Great organizations I support: Below are some organizations that are important to me either because I am, or have been, involved with them or have a loved one or friend who is supported by the work they do.