The struggle of “Batch solution” vs. “Just do it manually”

A number of times I have likely spent far more time working to figure out a programmatic way to automate something or batch update, delete or rename some files when, actually, just doing the task manually would have been faster.

My first instinct is to flagellate myself for this. I hate wasted time and this, while I’m in it, appears like a waste. When I think about it more, however, the truth is that I am just in the habit of finding ways to let machines do work for me. This is why we made machines. Considering this, it might be more of a waste to not work to use them in this way. If I persisted in being in the habit of just doing this manually, I am likely shutting off my instincts to create an automated process for everything, if a  machine-based process exists. And while this might create, sometimes, short-term loss of time the investment in trying to learn the programmatic solution likely saves time in the long run if you remember your finds and get back to using them quickly in the future.

That said, bulk renaming folders in MacOS is super easy. Just select all the files you wish to rename, right-click and select the “Rename items” option. Simple! No special terminal command or special software needed.