Coding, Utopia and The Beach

I was thinking today how coders, I think, can get very set in living their own little world because of a sense that they can write their own rules with their minds and make it the way they want it. In this way, there can be some level of feeling beyond politics and borders.

In one way, I’d argue this is a joyful and beautiful attitude. It’s this faith that I can code my own path outside any limitations. On the other, this can raise problems if this attitude leads to apathy or disengagement from involvement in non-virtual affairs or the thought that doing the really hard work to refactor the ossified real-world systems of man is, somehow, a lost cause or, just, less interesting or satisfying than dealing with the never-ossified, always-malleable virtual world. It’s easier to craft in the virtual sandbox but the engineerings need to extend beyond the virtual.