Evernote export and data cleansing that works!

Problem: Evernote doesn’t exactly make it easy for you to get a clean copy of your data out of their app. It’s annoying. They allow you to export a special Evernote file type called an “.enex” that is really just a very messy .xml file. You could spend a lot of time trying to clean up this file for import elsewhere but it’s a very delicate, annoying process.

Solution: After a lot of trial I found a WordPress plugin called WordPress All Import that is actually able to recognize and parse the Evernote file. From here you can map the data from the Evernote file you actually want to keep and import it into a WordPress database. You can use WordPress custom fields to store extra data information and anything else.

Why this is an okay solution: Then, because WordPress has such a simple and much more standard api you can much more easily pull out the data into any format you wish. Yes, it’s still annoying to have to go through multiple steps but it at least gives you a way to actually store your Evernote data in a format you can work with for zero dollars.