Jekyll vs. WordPress

I get that there is a lot of functionality in WordPress that can distract from writing. I get that it can sometimes be slow and that writing in just a plain text file feels simpler. But after spending a good amount of time with Jekyll I also get why having a database-driven platform that is feature rich to manage your site is so important. I’m not convinced reversion to static website creation is the way to go for blogging — maybe for a portfolio site under 10 pages, however.

Everyone always extols these things as “time saving” but when you have to rebuild and deploy your website each time you write a new blog post, I am having a hard time figuring out how this is faster and more reliable than clicking “publish.”

In addition, with Calypso moving to be all JS-based, we’re moving towards even greater frontend speeds for future open source, database-driven publishing platforms.

Just my quick opinion.

Codeacademy did a great job allowing you to interactively test out Jekyll in this tutorial.

In general, finding “new” stuff that is truly time saving is challenging.