Judy Blume on writing in Master Class promos

I enjoyed the promo for Judy Blume talking about her writing style:

“I have a messy mind and my writing is a process of cleaning up the mess. Then, slowly, making a story.”

ALSO: These master class promos are very compelling / well done. I want to know who the person is who is convincing all these absolute A-Listers to sign on to do this. I’m sure they are being well-compensated but the talent they have brought into this company’s mission is very, very impressive. Now there is a lot of momentum and all the team at Master Class needs to do is show a new instructor all the other people that have taught a class before. This is a good lesson in business in general: The power of momentum after closing agreements with the first, initial high-quality companies or people. This social proof makes everything easier. Plus: Aging masters who have already reached the zenith of success usually want to permanently document their process and give something back. As Dalio has been saying on his recent press tour for Principles, “I’m now entering the last chapter of my life where I’m beyond trying to make myself successful and during this time I’ll focus on helping other people become successful.”