Reddit content seems to get better and better

Reddit is the most amazing social network out there for the following reasons:

  • Ability to subscribe and follow channels of interest (subreddits) instead of people (like on twitter, facebook, instagram)
    • Subscribing to people means you get very inconsistent, wildly varying content on topics you may not be interested in but choosing topic first means you’re closer more consistently being fed content you care about
  • The algorithm for prioritizing good content is more transparent and effective than on Facebook
    • Reddit’s method of public up and down votes seems to make more being able to more accurately sort out what’s best within a topic of interest
    • Twitter is a mess because it’s a largely unsorted chronological stream or content from everyone your follow, Facebook is less democratic than Reddit in that it seems to impose more of its opinion on what is relevant for you in your feed
  • Reddit represents the FULLEST disruption of traditional, linear, packaged media
    • Reddit’s format basically just lets your skip around to the highlights of everything that’s out there
    • It’s somewhat like the cheatsheet for the best stuff happening around the world
  • CAMERA Omnipresence fuels Reddit
    • Because it’s so highly visual it seems like the closest any social network has come to showing you the most amazing stuff being capture by the world billions and billions of cameras right now — for millions of years many miraculous things happened each day and were never captured on camera, then something like 230 years ago the camera was invented and for this period it was possible that if something miraculous happened it would be visually documented and now with camera omnipresence, it’s likely that miracles are going to be visually documented and with Reddit it’s also likely that these miracles will be shared to the world immediately and that if they truly are miracles they’ll be viewable on your main home feed for you to scroll through and be amazed by while you’re going to the bathroom.
  • More visual than Quora — sort of a visual-first approach — and more entertaining / less technical than Stackoverflow, though both of these communities (Quora and Stackoverlow) are also incredibly valuable.