The benefit of making function names longer and more descriptive

I really enjoyed the episode of developer tea below titled, “3 Times When More Code Means Better Code.”

I completely agree that the benefits of descriptive methods is important. Whenever I try to get cryptic or cute I never remember what I was trying to do later on. It’s hugely inefficient and any savings from fewer characters is next to null.

I think this also applies to broader stuff outside programming like folder organization.

I remember I used to spend time filing away emails into neat folders in college, before Gmail. Then Gmail came along and I, at first, felt uncomfortable solely relying on search for message retrieval. Now the thought of manually grouping emails into folder seems crazy.

With file asset management I think the same thing can be said: Broadly name folders with lots of related files in them is a far faster filing system than more narrow folder grouping with only a few files in each. We recover most of these files by search anyway and too many sub directories doesn’t allow us to see higher level file patterns with a group of files.