There is so much good stuff in the 12-minute video below: I liked the connection between entrepreneurship and art, noting that “it’s almost impossible to monetize art” but that with entrepreneurship we have artists figuring out ways to be creative and make money from it. And I like this idea about the massive, positive financial impact of the beauty that comes from art that sometimes isn’t considered, like the beauty that brings a massive number of people (tourism) to France each year and the economic stimulus of this.

The need for art to remind us of the transcendent reminds me of what I have thought for some time about the way that reading fiction can actually be more inspiring and important to shaping our ambitions than non-fiction. I read mostly non-fiction these days in an effort to improve my understanding of how reality works but I do credit early exposure to fiction for inspiring me even if the characters aren’t real. We hold on to the dream and it elevates our imaginations and desires.