Benefit for being Forced into a standard pattern

I want flexibility but not too much.

I was investigating the structure of the files powering an application and started to think about how much more reliable it is when you follow a consistent structure across all code you work with and how this applies to other systems in human life too.

Most notably, creating a digital organization or to-do system that follows a simple and uniform pattern is incredibly helpful. I have recently started using the GTD and PARA-based systems.

The bottom line is that if I have too much flexibility within an app it ends up being counterproductive and driving me made. Evernote note is annoying because it gives you too much flexibility in someways whereas Bear Notes has fewer options for how text can be formatted and uses markdown instead of HTML and this limitation ends up being its best feature if you just want to be able to write clean notes quickly!

Just more examples of freedom and productivity being created bt constraint!