Compression Enhancer

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What ⚡

Adds date preservation to the popular PNG QUANT compression algorithm when running on a mac.

Why 🤷‍♂️

Keeping creation dates is important to me and it is annoying that when PNG Quant is run it strips out creation date meta.

How 📋

I just have a folder I save screenshots to and then I set the Config file of this script to the path of that folder and then I manually run this script at the end of each day to compress the files I’ve save as I review them and see which I need and which I can delete.

I should use Alfred or some automatter to improve this.

To Dos 💡


I did this quickly to work for me on my Mac but could be extended to work for more people in various environments. Not sure whether suing Stet or Touch is more universal … would need to look into this and test.

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