Data Merger

Github Merger

What ⚡

Scans a directory of text files and merges the contents of the files into date-based files with creation time as separation between content.

Why 🤷‍♂️

I usually write notes to daily journals in Obsidian but sometimes will write single entry notes using FS Notes on my phone while on the go and I want a quick way to merge these notes into day-based notes so I can add them to my Obsidian vault quickly at the end of a day.

How 📋

I just set up an automatter script that allows me to click on button on my mac and then the merged files go to a folder on my desktop and I can add them to Obsidian.

To Dos 💡

These are just idea for improvement. Currently works fine for my use:

Input File Formats

Currently only markdown files but could add a option to switch output file format and input.

Templating for Output Formats

If you want to customize the output formats to use Bullets or not include time or anything — like adding a templating method … currently limited to my preference of using DateTime at the top.

One File Output

Merge to one file instead of multiple (would need to add new header to distinquish days)

Date Ordering

Change date ordering – ASC or DESC … currently latest at top, my default

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