My NEW Goals with Blogging

I have hundreds of notes written down for “article Ideas.” Possibly thousands. They were originally all in journals and notebooks and now I transferred them all to Asana and a custom database I built on my computer.

I’ve been writing them down over the past 10 years and because work is always the top priority I never cut out the time to sit down and flesh out these ideas, not always directly related to work, into an article.

Partly this is also because I am nervous about putting my voice out there, partly it’s because it’s a challenge to make the time but also–and I think this is one of the main reasons–it’s because I feel like my stuff always has to be really, really great. I don’t like saying I’m a perfectionist because I’m not sure I’ve ever done anything perfectly but I’m something like what people mean when they use that word. I hate making mistakes. And I’d hate putting mistakes out into the World for public view.

In an attempt to fix this I figure I can just announce publicly my intention to use this blog as more of just a long-form twitter; like a Tumblr but on WordPress instead of Tumblr and with the ability, if I ever get on a roll, to really do so some research and really flesh out an idea into a piece I am proud of.

And I’ll just experiment with this. And if this doesn’t work and I need to just write less but make sure everything is more fully-baked, fully-formed all the time, okay. But setting a lower initial barrier will get me going. It’s like how I tell myself I’ll just go lift weight for 30 minutes and if I hit that minimum I can walk home happy but I normally get going and put in more time.

So that’s the deal. I’m just logging some quick thoughts here and every so often I may write an actually well-researched article I am proud of, which I think is adding something new and valuable to the World and I will be sure to promote that more.

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