The direct relationship between faith and success

The most successful humans are very faith-based humans.

Faith seems to most commonly be invoked with religion. This ends up resulting in there being less discussion about faith in a secular sense. That’s too bad. Faith is a great word expressing a powerful concept.

Consider this: No person without faith in himself, or others, has ever taken the leap to start a new business or set out on an adventure or learn something new or commit to a physical challenge or get married or attempt to make an impact in another person’s life.

All these acts require faith in our abilities and faith in the abilities of others.

Of course, the semantics can be foggy. People use the word confidence more often than faith and I think they are closely related but I like “faith” more because faith is more humble than confidence.

Maybe this is because of the common usage of faith in “leap of faith” and how this seems to move the word into the realm of “belief in the face of the unknown”–or just belief when you can’t have 100% certitude.

Based on this definition faith is more like, “Hey, we can’t be certain about the future but I believe we can make this work! And I believe that I can trust other people and believe in their talents and that they can help me make it work. And help themselves in the process as well. It’s going to be great! Have faith.”






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