Parallels between the internet & early electricity (Jeff Bezos, 1993, TED)

This makes me reflect on the following:

-All the massive cap investments made to create the infrastructure that makes life so incredible today.

-The amount of risk people have been willing to take on and energy they have been willing to spend to be a part in the, sometimes, fleeting waves of opportunity available

-The ways, at the same time, there is always a wave coming and people are bad at predicting where they are in the lifespan of a wave and there they may well still be in the very early stages of a wave or could find a new wave to ride that is currently quite immature and ripe for innovation.

-The ways practical use cases spur investment instead of pure scientific discovery (the light bulb prompted the investment to get wires to everyone’s home, not the idea that “all homes need to have electricity.”)

The Gold Rush of the early 20th century: