Sarah Blakely on removing doubt language from the way she spoke

I used to practice how I would say things and I would try to take any doubt language out of my delivery so if I would hear myself say I think it’s gonna be great I would change it to “I know” and I just believe wholeheartedly that if you show any doubt in yourself then the other person is certainly going to have it so your best chance or your best foot forward is to show zero doubt even if inside you’re like I’m scared and I’m not sure.

When I call called Neiman Marcus … so I called them on the phone and I said I’m Sarah I invented a product and can you give me ten minutes of your time and I’ll fly to Dallas? And she said well if you’re willing to fly here I’ll give you ten minutes but in those thirty seconds that I had with her the first thing I said was I’m Sarah I invented a product that is going to change the way all of your customers wear clothes and they won’t be able to live without this.