The amazing legacy of Robert Gould Shaw

Yesterday, 153 years ago, this white man was killed in South Carolina fighting for the truth.

He came from a prominent family in Boston. He didn’t have to accept the leadership of the first all-black regiment in the Northeast in their fight against oppression, he volunteered. He was only 25 and had just been married a few weeks prior to leaving.

1.5 centuries later his bravery astounds me and, unfortunately, seems important to highlight.

Robert Gould Shaw’s legacy inspires me to be braver and work harder to prioritize purpose over ease.

One thought on “The amazing legacy of Robert Gould Shaw

  1. Wish they had been creative in their fighting rather than attacking Fort Wagner in a rectangular formation. That was their death. We could have learned from the Indians about approaching the target from all angles.
    we all need to watch the movie Glory to see the developing heart and comradery of all the soldiers and officers who learned humanity, brotherhood, and what was worth fighting for in a short period of time.
    We don’t seem to have made a lot of progress since then. They were a rare and inspirational group!

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