Ray Dalio’s Principles in .epub format

Below is the original, early version of Principles Dalio made available for free on the Bridgwater website converted to .epub and .mobi format for easier reading on e-readers.

Recommendation: Now Dalio’s Principles are also available here on Amazon and the updated, new version is more complete than the early edition made available below. I recommend it. I guess I’ll leave up the original for the historical record but the update–especially the biographical part–of the new book is greatly expanded.

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Original post: 

Ray Dalio’s Early Principles in .epub format.

And in .mobi format.

(Latest, greatest version available here on Amazon.)

Dalio’s principles have received a lot of press coverage since he first published them in 2011.

But he only published them as a .pdf and reading them on my Kindle is better. I’m a big fan of my KindleEvgeny Shadchnev already took the time to make a .mobi version and properly format it and I have just converted that copy to .epub as well which I link to below.

I’ve been keeping my own “process list” — basically a set of principles — which I maintain and continue to update to aid me in personal and professional decision making. Maybe, eventually, I will publish those somewhere. I actually held off on diving into Dalio’s principles until I spent an honest amount of time dumping out my own mind into a structured list of personal principles. I encourage others to make their own lists as well — and to do it before reading Dalio’s principles. After doing this, It’s interesting to compare and contrast your own list with others–to understand the principles that are uniquely your own or have become your own from various other influences and to understand the ways your current principles already overlap with Dalio’s and others.

I also like how Dalio just releases this as a .pdf instead of publishing a book. This way, the focus is solely on the ideas and getting them out there and not all the packaging and authorship stuff that comes with publishing a book and now being thought of as another self-help author.

The money that would come from publishing a book would be pennies for Dalio so he can do it this way and keep the focus on the ideas.

But at least now they are easier to digest and highlight on an ebook reader.

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