“I do” versus “I will”

My Grandfather said the wedding vows command us to say “I will” instead of “I do” love this person. Reviewing common vows online I don’t see “I will” explicitly but it does seem clear that the vows are about a lifelong commitment of action instead just a statement of the way one feel now.

Reflecting on this, there is simple but powerful distinction between “I will” and “I do.” We all are capable of doing good things every once in awhile but very few of us are willing to discipline ourselves to do good things all the times — or the things we know we should. This is the power between making a commitment of what you “will do” — it becomes your lifetime mission statement, of sorts.

This distinction┬áreminds me of people talking about how they haven’t found anything they are passionate about. I don’t relate to it but I do hear it. I recently read someone talk about how people ought not wait to “find” their passion but just choose something, make a commitment to it and get really good at it and you’ll become passionate about it.

I think this is true and comes from the same power of commitment that comes from choosing you “will” instead of you “do.”



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