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What? Get a free link to the .pdf of The New York Times and/or Wall Street Journal print version front pages in your email inbox every morning. Here is an example front pageNote: No cost, no tricks, no spam, unsubscribe anytime you wish–just for friends and anyone who’d value this.

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Support these publications with an actual subscription too! This is just a convenient thing for people on-the-go who like to check out the print format on iPads or computers.

Why read just the front page? Dr. Harrison, one of my high school history professors, said that you should at least read the front page of the NY Times every day if you want to be a halfway interesting person. That stuck with me. Also: Sometimes the front page is all you have time for before other obligations take you away. I’m not saying The New York Times is the best or only source one should check but it certainly influences public opinion.

Why not just read the homepage at I have a list of reasons I think analog consumption of news can be more mind-expanding or educational than digital consumption but I will share that in another post.

Is this kosher? I think so. This page is given away for free so this is not a way to cheat The Times out of change. I believe in supporting journalism in a big way. You should pay for home delivery too if you can keep up with it.

Ideas about this? Send me a note if you have any thoughts on improvements. I tried to see if the Financial Times also does this but could not find a link!

How’d you built this? If you care, the code for this is just PHP and then I send an email template to the email newsletter program Sendy using their API and it checks all the emails associated with this list and then I set up a cron job to make this all happen at 5 am and 8 am.

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