Punch the keys for God’s sake!

The (somewhat) new-style computer keyboards may look compact and pretty but this is a case where fashion impairs function.

Improved accuracy:

The tactile response from a keyboard is helpful. At the highly pratical level, a keyboard with well made and easy to punch keys decreases the number of errors we write and, thus, increases speed typing.

Improved rhythm: 

Writing is challenging and like many human-persuits is easier when you figure out way to find your rhythm. This is easier when you not only have better tactile response but also better when you have louder key pressed — a better audio repsonse!

I am reminded of a few scenes from the movie Finding Forresster that speak to this:

More good advice on writing: “The first draft you write with your heart. You rewrite with your head. The first key to writing is … to write! (Not to think.)”

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